Trenton Literacy Program Visit at Copeland E.S.

2nd grade Literacy Movement

On Thursday, December 8, 2022, Mr. Edward Bullock, a Board member from the Trenton Literacy Initiative, made a special visit to the after-school programs of Malini Banerjee and LaToya Wiley. Mr. Bullock recently authored an autobiography in a children’s book titled “WARREN GOES TO GRANDPA’S”, and conducted a READ ALOUD in each of the classrooms. Approximately 30 students were presently and were fully engaged in the lesson. The students expressed enthusiasm, a love of reading and enjoyment in attending the program. Both teachers proudly reported that they could see measurable growth in their students’ attendance, attitude towards learning, and academic achievement.

Principal Rosenberg indicated his appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to enhance Reading/English Language Arts for Copeland students.