Men's Night at Copeland 2023


On Thursday, November 16, 2023, the Dr. Crosby Copeland, Jr. Elementary School held its Second Annual Men’s Night Dinner from 5 to 8 p.m.  Over one hundred of Copeland’s young men, fathers, grandfathers and concerned men in their lives came together to establish connections with successful community collaborators and leaders and to strengthen ties with the greater community’s heritage and assets.

Copeland’s Leadership Team has prioritized the development of partnerships with our students’ significant others, diverse community leaders and career professionals in order to create a school environment that fosters achievement and success.  

Dr. Channing Conway, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Schools, attended and demonstrated his appreciation for our parents and presenters. Inspirational speakers included Trenton Board of Education members, Gerald Truehart and Lloyd Austin, Esq., who likewise expressed their support and encouragement. 

Notable in this collaborative effort were the following inspirational speakers of the KAPPA ALPHA PSI, Inc.:

  • Shawn Copeland, son of Dr. Crosby Copeland, VP, Bank of America
  • Edward Bullock, President, Trenton Literacy Movement
  • Howard Crossland, Retired Trenton Public School Music Teacher
  • Reverend Michael Coe, Musician and Trenton Administrator
  • Aaron Brooks, Musician and Trenton Administrator

Additional motivational speakers included:

  • Robert Banks of Trenton Public Schools, Human Resources Department, spoke of job opportunities across all areas
  • Aramark Inc. administrators Aldo Como, General Manager, and Jamal Tyreek, Food Service Director, spoke movingly and encouragingly of the importance of determination, hard work and commitment to doing one’s best on the job
  • Mack Patterson, Area Supervisor, described his proud Trenton roots, Trenton H.S. graduation and his Principal, Dr. Crosby Copeland, Jr.’s impact on his life.

At Dr. Crosby Copeland, Jr. E.S., we recognize that school-family-community partnerships are built on mutual trust and respect, and that together we can dramatically prepare our young people to fulfill their potential.

 Michael D. Rosenberg, Principal

November 16, 2023


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