Black and White Ball at Copeland Elementary


       On Thursday, April 25, 2024 the “SUGAR AND SPICE/KINGS’ CLUB” under the mentorship and extraordinary support of the “FAST”  (Families and Schools Working Together) committee.   President Betty Glenn, Ms. Dolores Snow and an exhaustive list of participants, supporters, and donors, conducted an old-fashioned, “BLACK AND WHITE BALL” to express their pride and in honor of 40 females, 10 male students, and their parents.  

The gymnasium was turned into a beautifully arranged ballroom full of black and white balloons, tabletop and seats artistically covered, and the walls covered with murals.  Over fifty (50) students and their parents were overwhelmed with a gourmet, catered dinner, which was provided without cost, and in appreciation for their young people’s growth and maturity as young citizen-scholars.  Music and dancing with a DJ followed their meal.   Students thoroughly and enthusiastically enjoyed the evening while their parents expressed their amazement, gratitude and appreciation. 

This event demonstrated the professional commitment and mentoring of the Copeland School family to our young people.   We truly look forward to this annual celebration of our young scholars in 2025.

 Michael D. Rosenberg